RYBAK Development is a private real estate development and construction company founded in 2007. With over a decade of steady growth and consistent performance, RYBAK has become a leader among NYC Real Estate Developers. Today, the RYBAK brand is synonymous with quality construction, efficient operations, and innovative architecture.

RYBAK’s mission is to bring value to end users – residents and communities – while increasing returns for its stakeholders. To achieve its mission, RYBAK strives to deliver a competitively priced and noticeably superior product in each of its carefully chosen markets. The firm’s intimate knowledge of local real estate and site selection allows RYBAK to consistently exceed consumer expectations in given market segments, thereby setting new standards with each subsequent venture.


The RYBAK team is comprised of leading professionals in marketing, design, engineering,
hands-on construction, and property management. Their depth of knowledge and experties, along with a mutual prider for the RYBAK standard, enables the firm to hold a leading position in Brooklyn’s thriving real estate market.




Sergey’s lifelong passion has always been to build. He founded RYBAK Development immediately after graduating from New York University, starting the company from scratch while continuing his real estate development education as a post-grad. What began with a modest 6 unit condominium property in South Brooklyn has evolved over the years into a trend-setting, industry-leading firm, with Sergey staying hands-on throughout each and every project. During that span, Sergey has managed the construction of Brooklyn’s largest multi-sporting facility, featured as an industry Executive of the Month by New York Real Estate Journal, and managed RYBAK Development’s growth while keeping the firm agile to increase profits, not overhead. As a RYBAK Principal, Sergey personally guarantees all project completions and project debt where applicable.



Starting his professional career as a NY State DOH licensed medical practitioner, Jason’s entrepreneurial spirit manifested early with his first real estate project: the construction of his own office. Within five years, Jason owned and operated thirteen multi-disciplinary medical facilities in the New York Metropolitan area. It was during the successful scaling of his medical practice that Jason realized he had a passion for real estate and a knack for controlling costs and risk. His first project included a 3-story medical office building, and soon Jason was acquiring multiple buildings in Manhattan while honing the art of restructuring failing real estate holdings into profitable sales. Today, Jason utilizes his expertise in ground-up real estate, managing risk, and scaling businesses, to manage RYBAK Development’s ongoing expansion. Jason is also the force and creative spirit behind a leading hospitality lifestyle brand. With over 15 years of real estate experience and 8 years as a RYBAK Principal, Jason personally guarantees all project completions and project debt where applicable.